“There is no shortage,” says Olivier Véran

As a precaution, the government wants to avoid a rush to the train stations: “You know how it works: the more you’re told that you’re likely to miss something, the more the prophecy becomes self-fulfilling,” argues Olivier Véran.

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“There is no cut” Fuel, said government spokesman Olivier Véran on Wednesday 5 October during his weekly post-ministerial press conference. “We are at 12% of service stations across the country that are experiencing difficulties with at least one type of fuel, with variations since in the Hauts-de-France region we reach almost 30% of service stations that may be experiencing difficulties.”he said.

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“There are tensions, they are temporary, we can explain them and we believe everything is on the table to ensure they are resolved.”, he added. To explain this “Tension”, “There is a double parameter: the first, which we will not complain about, is that some resorts are victims of their own success, since the price drop at the pump is so sharp that there can be tensions in the availability of one or more Fuels in the gas stations. Second parameter, there is a strike affecting a certain number of refineries.”he added.

“Don’t panic, don’t rush, we won’t run out of gas.”

Olivier Véran, government spokesman

press conference

The strike affects “Four out of six Total refineries as well as certain tank farms falling under the company. We are obviously following the development of the situation very closely with the operators and we have been taken here and there when necessary. draw on strategic supplies to resupply stations”he specified. “There is a strike issue being resolved in some refineries”he urged. “You know how it works: the more you’re told you’re likely to miss something, the more everyone rushes there and the more the prophecy fulfills itself.”, he remarked. However, the government “obviously wants to avoid that”.

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