This jacket model that will be unanimous among fashionistas this fall 2022!

Follow the Fall 2022 trend by opting for these two trench coat models that will attract fashionistas!

With fall approaching, many fashion styles are coming back to the fore! For example, when we refer to shoes, cowboy boots are one of the most popular. And if we now speak from above?

Well, do you know that jackets have become popular among fashionistas! And that, more precisely for the “Trench Coat”. For the occasion, two prestigious brands take advantage of this trend to release two essential models that are already a great success. The details !

Trench coat: the new autumn trend!

During the summer months, fashionistas were seen with items that were as trendy as they were original. To name a few, for example, we were able to discover the rise in popularity mother and midi dresses. But for this fall, it’s another must-have piece that’s catching the attention of fashionistas. The trench coat is indeed the center of attention!

To welcome the return of the cold, there’s nothing better than going pretty Jackets to keep us warm! But not just any! In fact, one supermodel is unanimous these days and it’s the trench coat. Does this new trend also appeal to you for the coming season? See you in the sections below for all the information you need to know!

Currently the price of the trench coat ” Tommy Hilfiger ยป experienced a very large reduction at Amazon! So why not take this chance? This ultra-trendy jacket is also the one that could reflect autumn and even winter. In beige, this piece goes perfectly with every autumn look!

Also note that the Tommy Hilfiger trench coat could be worn with it different clothing styles ! Aside from being soft to the touch and comfortable to put on, this trendy piece is actually compatible with absolutely anything you want. Namely the t-shirt, the pullover, the long sleeves… or others. Just use your imagination! It would be hard to miss your look!

What are its characteristics?

The trench coat is a clothing model suitable mainly for a office look. Due to its design, it is the perfect part between a jacket and a coat! Classic, elegant and above all stylish, it is undeniably ideal for an autumn look. And that goes for both women and men. In fact, it is also a very versatile item.

Regarding the Tommy Hilfiger trench coat, you know that the Amazon website is currently making one financial support. An opportunity that you absolutely have to seize! Basically, this ultra-trendy piece should be sold at a price of 279.90 euros. But in order for fashionistas to dress elegantly this fall, the platform has sharply reduced its cost. Now it’s available for only “195.95” euros!

And again, the Tommy Hilfiger brand wanted everyone to benefit from this fashionable trench coat. In fact you can find different sizes. From XXS to XXL, each of its consumers will definitely find the size that suits them. In other words, this article could adapt to absolutely all morphologies!

In terms of material, the trench coat was made 100% with Cotton ! The comfort of the wearer is therefore guaranteed. Also note that this piece is machine washable and has long sleeves that can be styled at the cuffs. For a perfectly synchronized look, the piece has a pretty adjustable belt. Something to show off your waistline.

Trench coat: A big promotion at La Redoute!

Just like Tommy Hilfiger, the big brand known as La Redoute also promotes a trench coat. At the moment the famous brand is offering it to you at almost half price since there is a “40” reduction! Manufactured by La Redoute Collections, this is an iconic Ferdinand model compatible with the “La Redoute+” service.

as a reminder The redoubt+ is a premium subscription that offers you an additional 20% discount! However, you can afford the trench coat in light beige for the price of 53.99 euros instead of 89.99 euros. The piece is also available in different sizes. Namely in “34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48”!

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