To Gisèle Halimi, the thankless homeland

Emmanuel Macron fell in love with the Pantheon, this church that has become a temple of the republican liturgy. There he likes to let his speeches ring out in the tone of a sermon. On September 4, 2020, the head of state will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of the republic. He will lead a naturalization ceremony, an opportunity to commend some deserving Republican careers in recent history.

“Not to mention Gisèle Halimi, who died this summer, blows the tenant of the Elysée. From her beloved Tunisia to our National Assembly, courtrooms, semicircles, pleadings in manifestos, born Zeiza Taïeb pleaded for the emancipation of peoples and made great strides for the cause of women. A national tribute will soon be paid to him in the courtyard of Les Invalides. »

The President of the Republic had planned to organize it the day before, but the explosion at the port of Beirut in early August 2020 prompted him to travel to Lebanon, upsetting his schedule. The former attorney died on July 28, 2020 at the age of 93. More than two years later, the promised award has still not been given.

A mysterious silence

The prospect of the 50th anniversary of the Bobigny trial on November 8, 1972 could have shaken the Elysée. Some of the head of state’s confidants even rang the bells for him. Why not take the opportunity to celebrate the fight led by Gisèle Halimi in defense of Marie-Claire Chevalier and her mother, accused of having illegally aborted the young woman who was raped at the age of 16?

This sweeping trial, which ended in the teenage girl’s acquittal (her mother was convicted but pardoned), paved the way for the 1974 Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVG) Licensing. A few years later, the attorney set up courtrooms this time inviting lawmakers to make rape a crime.

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But the requests of his relatives change nothing: Emmanuel Macron is locked in a silence bordering on the mysterious. Is he afraid of angering the descendants of the Harkis and Pied-Noirs, some of whom still dread the memory of a woman who defended the militants of Algerian independence? Is he escaping a file trapped by the Halimi clan’s family divisions? Feminist associations do not set them apart. They accuse the President of the Republic of being the figurehead of twentieth-century French feminisme Century.

Monday April 4th, 8pm The crowd crowds onto the red, orange and yellow stands of Studio 104 of the Maison de la Radio. In particular, young women who come to watch the France Inter special “visionary”. “Come in, Gisèle Halimi! », proclaims journalist Sonia Devillers. Former Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) activist Djamila Boupacha, an icon of the independence war – she was tortured and raped by French soldiers – was granted a visa to speak about her combat sister, who defended her in court.

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