Training: PSG painfully defeat Benfica and continue their way in the Youth League (1-0)

In pain, PSG U19s beat defending champions SL Benfica (1-0). Zoumana Camara’s side scored a third valuable success thanks to a new goal by goleader Ilyes Housni.

The essays:

The composition of PSG U19 against Benfica: Mouquet – Lamy, El Hannach©, Fernandez Veliz – Zague, Kari, Bagbema (Diawara, 63′), Wa Mungu – Lemina (Tchicamboud, 46′), Housni, Gharbi.

Benfica U19 vs PSG composition: Gomes – Tomé (Reis Melro, 86′), Jevsenak, Coser, Spencer – Neves, Félix (Precatado, 64′), Ferreira (N’Dour, 64′) – Moreira, Semedo (Dju, 78′), Félix (Faria , 78′).

The game sheet:

The goals : Ilyes Housni (1-0, 80′).

The warnings: Yellow cards for Ferreira (22′), Luis Semedo (30′), Tomé (83′) – Diawara (71′), Mouquet (90’+3′).

The game :

First half

The Parisians start the game at the Futebol Campus in Seixal. Noha Lemina starts from deep and collides with the Lisbon defense, he receives a first corner in this part (2′). The beginning of the game was balanced, Benfica turned the ball well and the two teams organized (4th). The game is clearly leaning to the left on the Portuguese side, with Diego Moreira already very restless. El Hannach had to work hard to stop him (7′). The first big chance is in Paris! Served by Lemina near the penalty area, Housni plays the SLB goalkeeper but is caught by a defender when the goal seemed very close (9′).

Benfica reacts calmly and combines in a confined space. Joao Neves finds an angle, but his attempt goes well over it (11′). The Portuguese break away in the ¨SG half field, the Parisian defense holds up for the time being, but the SLB is technically loose (14th). Hugo Félix threw the first scare into Louis Mouquet’s cage with a free-kick that started well but ended on the right post (16′).

The first twenty minutes are difficult for PSG, dominated technically and in possession. However, the Paris block remains well organized (20′). Fernandez-Veliz saves Luis Semedo well with an excellent tackle, good intervention from the defender (21′). In the following corner, Mouquet saves for the first time of the encounter and catches a Diego Moreira header that lacks power. The Parisians multiply the mistakes, Bagbema offers a new free-kick to the Lisboners, who find it difficult to negotiate them well (25th). The referee gives the players a cool break, it’s hot in Portugal.

Already two warnings on the Portuguese side: After Diogo Ferreira, Luis Semedo also receives a yellow card (28th). Benfica keep the pressure on the Paris cages, Diogo Ferreira sends a nice shot that goes over again (30′). PSG got some air, Lemina and Zague tried to combine, but this was quickly stopped by the SLB defense (32nd). Muntu Wa Mungu tries to throw Gharbi down, but the Benfica goalkeeper gets well in front of the attacker’s feet (34′). The Portuguese penetrated into the Paris area, Moreira served Félix with a fine covert pass, but the Paris defense intervened (37th).

The Parisians are playing with fire. After losing the ball, Joao Neves can arm a shot that flees the frame again. He went just wide (39th). It was Luis Semedo’s turn to try his luck from distance, it was the ninth Portuguese shot of the game (43′). Housni is served in the penalty area but the striker is immediately crushed by Benfica’s defence, a difficult first half for the 17-year-old striker (45′). At half time both teams are back to back, still 0-0.

Second halftime:

The game resumes with one change as Queyrell Tchicamboud takes Noha Lemina’s place. The Parisians started better than in the first half and sat higher on the pitch (48th). Bagbema serves Tchicamboud between the lines, it takes another intervention in front of the Benfica goalkeeper’s feet (51′). Great action by PSG! Zague crosses a fine save from the Lisbon goalkeeper to Housni, who takes over with a spectacular acrobatic volley. The action is applauded by the public, that must be emphasized. We came close to seeing one of the goals of the year (53′). Mouquet had to react immediately and intervened after a Fereira goal, and the encounter picked up speed (54′).

The first quarter of an hour of this second half is almost more interesting than the entire first 45 minutes. Paris woke up and offered real resistance to Benfica (58th). Benfica are still in the game too, going from goal to goal and needing a good Fernandez-Veliz to repel a Portuguese attack (61′). Switch on both sides. For Paris, it’s Diawara who replaces Bagbema in the middle (63′). Fernandez-Veliz headed off another dangerous ball (66′). With a seemingly harmless free kick, Mouquet reads the trajectory badly, it could have been expensive for the Parisians (68th). The chances multiply for Benfica, who lack efficiency (69′).

The intensity drops a bit after about twenty minutes with an important rhythm. The Parisians changed a bit (73rd). Housni is again a hair’s breadth offside, all in vain for the PSG striker, who is playing a 1v1 with a Portuguese defender (74′). A very effective one-two sees Benfica attack on target, but El Hannach flies in high! (77′). The PSG defender is also injured and calls the doctors.

The Parisians open the gate ten minutes before the end! With a good substitution from Tchicamboud, Housni fooled the Benfica keeper perfectly and let his team pass (0-1, 80′)!

Lisbon tried to fight back, but the PSG defense held out (82′). El Hannach repeats with a great attack on striker Dju’s feet, he is very important (85′). The Portuguese make a new change, it’s up to them to play the game in those final minutes. After a contact, Tchicamboud stays on the ground. The game was interrupted for a few seconds and then resumed (88′). Huge chance for the SLB, Moreira finds himself in front of the cages, but the 2004 generation player loses his footing and falls (89th).

The referee signals five minutes of stoppage time. Benfica continue to attack after conceding (90+1). A rain of big chances for Benfica in the final minutes, most notably Mouquet made a crucial stop in front of Dju (90+2). The PSG goalkeeper intervenes again in front of N’Dour (90+3′). The referee blew the final whistle of the game, the Parisians narrowly won and conceded a very valuable third victory.

Ranking Impact:

After the game, the standings look like this:

  1. PSG: 9 points (+8)
  2. Juventus: 4 points (0)
  3. Maccabi Haifa: 3 points (-6)
  4. Benfica Lisbon: 1 points (-2)

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