Trump is asking the Supreme Court to intervene

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday (October 4) asked the United States Supreme Court to intervene in the case relating to the documents seized at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida this summer.

The Republican billionaire filed an urgent appeal with the Supreme Court to prevent the Justice Department from examining a hundred documents that were marked as “classified” and seized on the occasion. This appeal does not refer to the legality of the spectacular search carried out by federal police in Mar-a-Lago in August and does not address any substantive issue. He was just challenging a decision by an appeals court that authorized the ministry to examine those documents without waiting for the conclusions of an independent expert responsible for examining the 11,000 seized documents.

The Supreme Court, which Donald Trump undertook a major overhaul during his tenure, is under no obligation to accept his appeal. Despite having six out of nine Conservative judges, it has already inflicted backlash on him, including refusing to back him in his post-election crusade.

“Storage of classified documents” and “Hampering of a federal investigation”

This new lawsuit involves the White House archives. When he left power in January 2021, Donald Trump took whole boxes of documents with him. However, a 1978 law requires every American president to submit all of their emails, letters, and other working documents to the National Archives. Finally, in January 2020, he gifted them fifteen boxes. However, following their investigation, federal police estimated he was likely keeping others at his luxurious Mar-a-Lago residence. FBI agents went there for the first time in June and concluded that they had not been given all the documents. On August 8, they conducted an unprecedented search based on an arrest warrant “Storage of Classified Information” and “Obstruction of a Federal Investigation”and confiscated about thirty more boxes.

That’s what Donald Trump says, flirting with the idea of ​​running for a new term in 2024 “tracked” political and ensures that the documents seized are personal or declassified. He is also facing a civil lawsuit in New York courts alleging that he manipulated his corporation’s assets to obtain better credit or lower his taxes.

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