Two TPMP columnists fulfill a fantasy and kiss live…twice

Two columnists kissed twice on the touche set, not at my post, this Wednesday, November 16th. They assured that they had realized a fantasy.

Cyril Hanouna has been hosting the show for several years Do not touch My TV. The presenter is used to sequences that create a lot of conversation. He recently caused a stir after his exchange with Louis Boyard that didn’t go unnoticed. However, he also has fun and delights his columnists. This Wednesday, November 16, Cyril Hanouna wished organize a dance competition. For this, to the delight of the audience and viewers, the columnists chose the person he wanted to wiggle with. Guillaume Genton quickly chose Gilles Verdez and they both danced to the music Despacito. A memorable sequence that ended with… a kiss. “Can I ask you a question?‘ asked Gilles Verdez first, before adding: ‘If you love me, will you allow me to make my dream come true?“. Discreetly, Cyril Hanouna listened to him attentively. “A galosh for Guillaume‘ the columnist continued. The moderator of C8 took him aside so they could both have a discussion to find out if this request was genuine.’You let go of the ramp“, he says to him. To which Gilles Verdez replies: “Ah bah yeah… If I have to let go of the ramp it will be with him“.

On the set of his show, Cyril Hanouna was determined to get his columnists talking. He questioned Gilles Verdez, who then said: “It’s just a little moment of happiness, but if you don’t want it, I don’t want it…“but before it is stated:”When Guillaume said it was a fantasy, he knew full well that it was mine too… It’s my fantasy“. Subsequently, the host of C8 wanted to take Guillaume Genton aside to get his approval. “Will you allow me to make my fantasy come true?‘ asked the columnist. “Yes‘ Cyril Hanouna replied simply. “To kiss Gilles Verdez“, replied Guillaume Genton, before confirming his words in the face of the surprise of the host. “No no, it’s true“, he assured. Cyril Hanouna therefore authorized his two columnists to kiss and realize their fantasy. “I know they’ve both wanted to fuck each other for years.” said the host before letting her kiss him. A few minutes later, Guillaume Genton indicated that he wanted to start all over again he therefore went to Gilles Verdez to kiss him again. A sequence that viewers will not forget.

Guillaume Genton: What rumor did he want to spread publicly?

The show’s columnist, Guillaume Genton, is a constant subject of unsubstantiated rumours. In the columns of pure people This Tuesday, November 15, he wanted to respond to one of them that concerns his sexuality. Internet users often wonder if he is gay, and the client concerned has answered in full transparency. “people can think what they want‘ he said, before adding: ‘What shocks me is that I am confronted with this what homosexuals can suffer from homophobia“. A situation he regrets. “And it’s shameful. Me, people think I’m gay, I don’t care and I’ll be very happy to be. But this same homophobia on social media, on Twitter and on Instagram, that’s possible. must stop‘ concluded Guillaume Genton.

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