Video Game: Play as a rebellious sheep in the pleasant “Cult of the Lamb”

According to the prophecy, the four gods who rule the world will be overthrown by a…sheep. Junior your concern? Certainly not. They took the threat seriously and ordered the destruction of all the sheep in the kingdom, one by one. Miscalculation: The ultimate sacrificed animal is brought back to earth by a fifth god, “He Who Waits”, the exiled brother of the other four. So in Cult of The Lamb, developed by independent British-Australian studio Massive Monster, you embody the last of your race, this one-of-a-kind lamb determined to become your savior’s spokesman and clean up the house.” Local Olympus .

Cult followers produce resources and unlock options.

In this title, with graphics that are childlike, cheerful and a little spooky to be enjoyed on the joystick, your character – let’s call her Aries – therefore begins to found a church in honor of “The one who waits” and recruits followers among other animals. So, like a pasture guru, you preach the good word to your Panurge sheep, but you also have to take care of them. You’ll have to cook to feed them, make them sleeping bags so they can rest and build a pillory to imprison those who prove unruly to your good word… At the start of the game, you even realize that you picking up the feces of your flock – to wonder who serves whom in this cult! – to prevent the spread of diseases. In return, like a herd in need of shearing, your community will regularly provide you with Faith, which includes new buildings – including a toilet block! – unlocks to improve your camp, as well as bonuses and weapons for rams.

A management game, then action

Because under his white fur, the cute lamb hides the ferocity of a very bad wolf. You regularly head for the areas inhabited by the four gods who wanted to send you to graze in hell. The game then becomes an edgy “rogue-like” where you have to empty each room of its occupants in order to move on to the next. As with the construction part, the game relies on simplicity to achieve efficiency. Aries has only one attack, the speed and power of which depend on the current weapon (axe, dagger, etc.), devastating power (a fireball, a blow from a tentacle, etc.), and a handy role for dodging enemies. It’s little but enough to have fun. Very tough, a real Olympic lamb, your hero spins and effortlessly smashes bats, spiders, giant centipedes and other monsters that get in his way.

Your lamb faces enemies to defeat the gods.
Your lamb faces enemies to defeat the gods.

At the end of the road, Aries must defeat a boss: a creature more hideous and larger than the rest. Or, if he returns to the same area several times, one of the four persecuting gods, on whom he can then direct his blows and the wrath of his guru. If you ever die, don’t worry, He Who Waits will send you back to continue your crusade. Your hero thus connects the phases. Thus, after each building period, where he finds himself with his flock as in a family, Aries goes into a war of the Homeric sheep to break God. Unpretentious, quite short, the game is fun, especially the fights. He should inspire players with his hero, who is anything but cute as a lamb.

> On PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and X|S, Nintendo Switch 25 euros.

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