Warzone 2: How to unlock the M13B in DMZ mode? | Xbox One

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, DMZ and Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II have been available since yesterday afternoon, or almost, to the delight of players. Bugs of all kinds were legion that first night, but that didn’t stop the community from discovering Al Mazrah in the Battle Royale and DMZ. This new mode, which includes a formula never seen before in Call of Duty, allows you to unlock one of the three new weapons of this Season 1: the M13B. How to unlock this new assault rifle.

How do I get the M13B into Call of Duty DMZ mode?

You may have seen it when you went to the weapon sheet, but to unlock this famous M13B you have to kill a specific chemist in DMZ mode. This mode can be a bit confusing at first and definitely requires more detailed guidance elsewhere. Anyway, the procedure to unlock the M13B is not very complicated and you can complete the process in a few minutes if you do it right.

  • You must therefore start a game in DMZ and look for the radiation zone on the map. In this area you will meet The Chemist and the many bots at his side as soon as possible.
  • The Chemist is a “mini-boss” who wears a yellow hazmat suit and uses a special version of the M13B.
  • You must eliminate it, take its weapon, and then exfiltrate with it to unlock it.

Before starting, however, various boundary conditions must be taken into account.

How can you maximize your chances of quickly recovering the M13B?

Note that there is only one Chemist (and therefore only one M13B) in each game. So expect to meet plenty of other players looking to get away with the valuable M13B at the point of deprecation. Play with two friends whenever possible to be a team and to make things easier for you.

Try to equip yourself as best as you can in terms of plates but mostly gas masks. Just in case, enemies in the area will drop gas masks.

In fact, the Radiation Zone will of course deal you minor damage, but damage that will punish you fairly against AI players and real opponents. Then it’s up to you to play in the best way to defeat the enemies present in the area and use the new AR to exfiltrate to the designated areas. The only advice we can give you is to get there slowly and skillfully because that’s how DMZ mode is played, haste is not okay and if you rush you will be quickly eliminated.

Finally, note that only the player who recovered the M13B on the ground will unlock the weapon and its skin. If you are with friends, you can try again in a new game for each of your friends.

trick : There is a much simpler method which is to drop the M13B on your friends in a new part of the DMZ and have them exfiltrate, gun in hand. Therefore, the game assumes they have unlocked the M13B in the DMZ, and you can take turns passing the weapon to each other like this.

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