What’s new in the third update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? – News

A Chaos Gore Magala, Awakened Teostra, and Awakened Kushala Daora. Here is the schedule of side monster celebrations for this Free Update #3. The Gore Magala of Chaos is the result of an anomaly that occurred during the molting process that would normally turn it into a Shagaru Magala. The creature, caught halfway between its juvenile and adult states, takes on a chaotic form capable of both Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala attacks, but its stunted growth also causes it intense pain.

This hunt will undoubtedly be the toughest challenge of the day, although the challenges presented to us by the awakened Kushala Daora and the awakened Teostra, forms that we are promised to be even more furious, destructive and unpredictable, should not be underestimated . . Hunters are also required to have a 120 RM rank before facing Awakened Kushala Daora, and 140 RM for Awakened Teostra.

The Paragon system, which allows you to hunt with the story’s characters, will extend to almost all master rank quests, including anomaly quests and investigations. And as always, the free update comes with a ton of additional paid content, including emotes, stickers, music, character voices, and the Hinoa Hunter Special Armor Set. A new collection of weapons in the form of stuffed animals is also introduced to gently hit the monster.

Hunters looking for new ways to hone their skills can tackle the new A7★ Anomaly Quests, including Fire Espinas, Enraged Magnamalos, and Vulcan Bazelgeuse. In addition, the Anomaly Investigation system will raise the level cap to 200, with the ability to lower the level of individual quests that hunters already have. Materials obtained from anomaly investigations can also be used for new categories of weapon and armor upgrades. With the ability to choose between Defense and Dexterity for armor boosts, hunters have even more options to create their ideal armor set“, also explains Capcom.

Free updates will continue in 2023 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which will be available this winter for update #4 and in the spring for update #5.

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