why the law that extended the legal time limit for an abortion is difficult to apply

On the one hand the law, on the other hand its implementation. While the plenary chamber of the National Assembly in late November echoes with debates over whether or not to enshrine the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) in the constitution, health professionals who perform abortions know it. : Passing a law does not guarantee that it applies.

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The proof with the uneven application of the recent change in law relating to abortion in France, the Gaillot law, which extended the deadline for abortions by fifteen days, from twelve to fourteen weeks of pregnancy.

Eight months after its adoption, on Feb. There are places in France where women after the twelfth week of pregnancy are still not cared for and referred to centers that apply the law.denounces doctor Laura Marin Marin, spokeswoman for the National Association of Abortion and Contraception Centers (Ancic), which brings together health professionals who perform abortions.

The Ancic has offices in a good part of the national territory and the feedback on the care given to women who want a late abortion is varied. Like a magnifying mirror of the broader access difficulties women face. “It happens that they are not properly informed about the extension of the deadlines, even by healthcare professionals who are not necessarily aware of this legislative development.”says dr Marin Marin.

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New technical gestures

During the lively debates before the text was adopted, the health experts who opposed it highlighted the new technical gestures linked to an abortion after a certain period of time. “Some of those who opposed it made mainly technical arguments, quite shocking, to support this reluctance, notes Dr. Marin Marin. However, in our country it has long been possible to terminate pregnancies in the context of medical abortions until delivery, and abortions from the 14th week are practiced without risk in neighboring countries such as Holland or Spain. »

From the thirteenth week of pregnancy “Depending on the size of the embryo, simple aspiration may not be enough. It is often necessary to use forceps to remove what remains in the uterus.”, admits Doctor Philippe Faucher, but advocates an extension. “I can understand that some would object to this, even if it raises questions when you train in the public hospital, and that the same argument was used in the previous extension of the deadlines in 2001, which did not imply a new gesture, observes the gynecologist-obstetrician doctor and president of the network between the city and the Hospital of Orthogeny (Revho). But what is then needed is to quickly send the women to a center that agrees to take them on. » The Revho keeps the accounts. According to this network of Ile-de-France doctors, only twenty-one out of sixty-three centers in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes perform abortions between the twelfth and fourteenth week of pregnancy. They are nineteen out of forty in Occitania.

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