Wild parking fines rain down on game nights

Anyone who has driven the Rennes ring road on a match day can attest to that. Whenever Stade Rennais is playing at home, the area around Roazhon Park looks like one big wild parking lot. Indeed, due to lack of space or laziness, many supporters rashly park their vehicles on the access ramps to the Ring. This is particularly the case for Porte de Cleunay on the inner ring road and Porte de Lorient on the outer ring road.

Two areas where parking is strictly forbidden, of course, but above all dangerous. “Sometimes we see families walking down the ramp in the middle of the night without realizing the danger,” says Pascal Renat, head of the traffic and road information center at the Interdepartmental Directorate West Roads (Diro). To put an end to this illegal parking, a phenomenon that has been known for several years but tends to increase with the good sporting results of Stade Rennais, the authorities are preparing to tighten the screw.

verbalization and confiscation

From Thursday evening, when Dynamo Kyiv welcomes them to the Europa League, the police will actually patrol the affected sectors. That evening they demonstrate pedagogy and content themselves with sticking posters on the windscreens of badly parked cars. But as of Sunday afternoon, during the derby against FC Nantes, grace will end. “We will systematically report any vehicles parked in a dangerous place,” assures Luca Togni, head of public security in Ille-et-Vilaine. The trip to the stadium could therefore be expensive for some, knowing that the fine is 135 euros.

But the authorities didn’t plan to stop there. In ten days, to welcome Olympique Lyonnais, the masses of parked vehicles on the access ramps to the ring road will also be removed and housed in a makeshift pound to be installed near the stadium. The painful becomes even saltier because the recalcitrant must pay both the fine and the cost of the confiscation.

This screwdriver comes just two weeks after the opening of the metro line B. “This offers fans an alternative way to get to the stadium, since Cleunay and Mabilais train stations are only a quarter of an hour’s walk away,” says Cyrille Morel, deputy Mayor of Rennes and in charge of civil security. Since the beginning of the school year, four relay car parks (Villejean, La Poterie, ViaSilva and Saint-Jacques-Gaîté) have also been open on Sundays.

A derby against Nantes under close scrutiny

There will be no Nantes supporters in the visitor car park for the derby against Stade Rennais on Sunday afternoon. The league’s disciplinary committee actually sanctioned FC Nantes after some of their ultras used smoke against Lorient. As a result, Canaris’ visitors’ car park will be closed for two games, including that against neighboring Rennes. However, authorities fear excesses due to the historic rivalry between supporters of the two clubs. Therefore, in order to avoid clashes, the prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine has issued an order prohibiting the presence of FC Nantes supporters or the conduct as such on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11.59 p.m. in the city center of Rennes, near the Roazhon- parks

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