Xbox & PC Game Pass: 4 games available today including Norco | Xbox One

It’s mid-November already, but Xbox Game Pass continues to welcome new games. 4 more titles are coming to the service today following the arrival of Pentiment and Somerville earlier in the week.

Dune: Spice Wars and Ghostlore join PC Game Pass through the Game Preview program. The 2D Rabbit Platformer will be available on Xbox, PC and Cloud from the day of its release, while Norco will be playable on Xbox and mobile via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Remember that you can always find the list of Xbox Game Pass games coming this month in our full article.

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Norco (Cloud & Console)

NORCO is a gothic-style point-and-click storytelling adventure that immerses the player in the seedy suburbs and industrialized swamps of unnatural Louisiana. Your brother Blake disappeared after your mother died. To find him, you must follow a security android on the run through the refineries, shopping malls and drainage canals of the New Orleans suburbs.

Immerse yourself in surreal and disturbing pixel art from southern Louisiana. NORCO’s cinematic pixel art, whose landscapes look like real paintings, immerses the player in a universe that mixes everyday life with science fiction, against a backdrop of swamps, labyrinths of oil refineries and landscapes inspired by the city of Norco in Louisiana and the New Orleans metropolitan area. Let yourself be lulled by fmAura’s fabulous sound effects and post-industrial electro soundtrack composed by Gewgawly I.

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Dune: Spice Wars (PC)

The game will be available during the day.

Dune: Spice Wars is a real-time strategy game with 4X elements from the developers of the critically acclaimed Northgard. Plunge into the revolutionary world of Dune, born under the pen of Frank Herbert, and lead your faction into battle to establish your supremacy on the desert and inhospitable planet Arrakis.

As the most precious resource in the universe, the spice prolongs life, awakens consciousness and enables interstellar travel. The planet Arrakis is the sole source, making it the scene of conflict between the greatest powers in the universe. Choose between Houses Atreides, Harkonnen and Corrino, Smugglers and Fremen and fight for control of Dune and the Spice.

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Ghost Lore (PC)

Ghostlore is an “Eastpunk” action role-playing game in which you fight monsters from Southeast Asian folklore. Inspired by classic ARPGs like Diablo 2 and Titan Quest, Ghostlore features a detailed item and character customization system, procedurally generated maps, and beautiful 2D isometric art.

The bloodthirsty Penanggal is a fearsome creature that traces its origins back to Malay folklore. It contains nothing more than a disembodied head and hanging entrails. The Indonesian myth Babi Ngepet speaks of sorcerers who sacrifice their humanity to become boar demons. Hungry ghost tales are superstitions brought with them by Chinese immigrants – undead horrors doomed by their greed in mortal life to go hungry forever.

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Rabbit (Cloud, Console & PC)

The game will be available during the day.

Rabbit is a 2D platformer that follows the adventures of a brave group of explorer rabbits. Five rabbits lived under a park before works forced them to leave their beloved burrow. You have to help love and his friends to explore the world and enjoy precise gameplay. Meet new friends, reminisce about the past, and skip to the end of your journey!

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