Zara and Kaia Gerber collaborate to create a capsule collection!

Fashion lovers are in heaven. Zara made the decision to collaborate with Kaia Gerber to create a capsule collection.

Good news for fashionistas. Zara has chosen to collaborate with supermodel Kaia Gerber to create a capsule collection. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Zara the favorite brand of fashionistas

It’s no longer a secret. Over the years, the Zara brand has established itself in the fashion world. And for the simple and good reason that the latter continues to create pieces that meet the expectations of fashionistas.

In fact, the Inditex Group prides itself on presenting pieces worthy of the biggest fashion houses. At lower prices.

Zara recently offered its loyal customers the opportunity to buy a bag inspired by Céline creations. But that’s not all ! Far from betting everything on accessories, the Spanish firm is present on all fronts.

From skirts to sweaters to trousers or dresses. There is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for in the brand’s stores.

And if anonymous people are big fans of the Zara brand, then celebrities are also enthusiastic about the company’s products. Kate Middleton regularly appears in articles by the ready-to-wear giant.

Recently wore them proudly bought a cream blazer for less than 50 euros. Uh yes! George, Charlotte and Lousi’s mother may be married to the future King of England, but that doesn’t stop her from dressing cheaply.

And she’s not the only one. Like Prince William’s wife, Emily Ratajkowski is also under the spell of Zara creations. In the networks, she was recently displayed a pair of ultra-trendy black boots.

Shoes that quickly became a huge success. MCE TV tells you more!

Zara and Kaia Gerber collaborate to create a capsule collection!

A capsule collection with Kaia Gerber

As I’m sure you understood, Zara is at the top on all levels. And if those who would be very close to Brad Pitt and the future queen consort are great admirers of the Spanish brand, the latter intends to give everything to satisfy all its consumers.

So much thata capsule collection in collaboration with Kaia Gerber should appear soon! After Khloe Kardashian, it is therefore time for the American model to work hand in hand with the Inditex Group. To the delight of fashion lovers.

With Kaia x Zara you will be able to get essential pieces for the fall season. The goal is to create a chic yet casual style.

Look that distinguishes the 21-year-old model. If you want timeless coats, cool jeans, sexy mini skirts and tops that go with everything, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition, this collection also contains Sneakers, boots, belt and even jewelry. One thing is for sure, it is Zara just hit hard Collaboration with the supermodel.

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